This Aussie white (pronounced Vee-oh-nyay) is a gentle golden in color with a gentle bouquet of mixed fruit cocktail and a nose of sweet spice.

In the mouth this wine gives a steely first impression with really interesting flavors of various fruits but all very subtle.

The structure is really nice giving some power on the palate. It has a nice mouth feel–almost creamy but not quite yet there is a robust feeling on the palate. This is a pleasant change from all the standard white wines we grow used to. The finish has some staying power. This is a good wine by itself and a great food wine. I just ate some bread dipped in olive oil and grated Parmesan with spices and the wine is wonderful with it. The Wine Enthusiast gave this wine a nice rating in the upper 80’s. It’s worth it if it was twice what I paid for it. At $11 raise a glass again and again of this puppy today!

As a side note–The back label includes a small perforated, tear-off tab with the name and vintage of the wine on it the size of a postage stamp! If you want to remember the wine, no matter where you are, just tear it off and tuck it in your wallet or wherever. How simple-how ingenious. Nice idea Yalumba!!!

–A Review from The Wine Cask Blog.
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