Garnet to black cherry hue with aromas of earthy, yet perfumey black berry and spice with cigar box fragrances,vanilla cream bon-bon and sweet black licorice.

Palate–Finely tuned, integrated with supple tannins yielding delicious mouth watering dark berries and plum, forest floor and finishing a touch shallow.

This is a unique Tuscan blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. It is expertly crafted and absolutely perfect in its drinkability.

Vignamaggio is the birth home of Mona Lisa and Me and my wife had the stellar thrill of staying at this working winery/Inn several years ago with (NW) and his wife. Just holding the bottle I am taken back to a sitting room at Vignamaggio pouring ourselves grappa and just taking in the Tuscan wonder. Such is the uniqueness of a beverage that is capable of transporting one to another time and place refreshing memories long buried beneath the rubble of “life.”

I paid $35 for this bottle and I have no recollection of where I bought it thought I suspect it was on a West coast trip to see grandchildren. This wine will be drinking well for a few more years but the suggestion to hold it another 2-4 years which I saw at a respected website, is overshot. It is positively drinking at its peak right now so raise a glass if you happen to stumble on this find!

–A Review from The Wine Cask Blog.
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