Straw hue with aromas of classic Riesling “oily’ foundation with lemon, and ripe pineapple.

Palate–Nice structure supports a beautiful acidic line that almost makes the mouth feel sparkling.  It is bone dry with a fruity beam, wet stone and a bit of the oil on the finish.

This Aussie Riesling from Franklin River, Western Australia is really well done and would be a great food wine with any buttery or fatty cuisine, or sauce.  It runs for $25 though I found it for half that.  If you want to know what a good, “dry” Riesling is like this is worth the money.  I am pairing it with a delicious comfort food called “Country Scramble” which is home made biscuits on top of which goes eggs (scrambled) ham and gravy– made from the ham drippings– and genuine southern grits made properly.  This has me gitty with anticipation! So raise a glass!

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