Ruby/garnet hue with aromas of cigar ash, aging red wine, mature dark berry,

Palate–Mouth filling, big 20 mega-ton fruit bomb of dark rich berry flavors that seem like Syrah and/or *Petite Sirah, with Zinfandel and who knows what else.

(*two different grapes, not just “small” Syrah grapes as I heard one wine clerk explaining to a patron…)  The actual blend turns out to be Syrah and Zinfandel with Merlot and Tempranillo. The reference price on this blend is $22 for which I paid $11!  It is tasty, would go great with cheeses, pizza, pasta, grilled beef, or all by itself. If you’re in the mood for a big, fruit forward red that is juicy and well made, this is a nice one and if you find it at $11, but a 1/2 case and drink it with friend.  Though 5 years old, it will drink well for another couple years so raise a glass.

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