About Us The Wine Cask Blog

The Wine Cask Blog is the hobby and passion of 3 extraordinary guys – Billy, PB and NW.

It started at Christmas time 2004 when Billy, PB and NW were gathered together to celebrate the holiday. PB had been a student of wine for over 30 years. NW had the great fortune of a swank job that encouraged wining and dining of important clients; so naturally NW learned how to pick up the good stuff. Billy, being in technology, had been an avid blogger since 2001 and a writer since before that.

Billy, NW and PB were sitting around tasting some wine and writing the tasting notes down in paper journals. They were comparing notes and talking about their taste discoveries and flavor perspectives in an animated way. When NW said, “We should do this more often!” PB agreed. Billy suggested, “We should start a blog!”

“What’s a blog?” asked PB and NW in unison.
“Don’t worry,” said Billy, “you supply the wine and I’ll teach you how to blog.”

A day later, The Wine Cask Blog was born.
The first post was live on December 31, 2004. Now, 10 years and 2800+ reviews later, we’ve moved onto our new domain and blogging platform.

The top 10 things you should know about The Wine Cask Blog:

1) We’re three regular guys who live in different areas of the U.S.A.

2) We all have regular day jobs that are not in the wine industry.

3) We don’t “score” wine. We post the tasting profile comprised of 4 elements: “Nose” – how the wine smells to us, “Palate” – how the wine feels in our mouth, “Finish” – the aftertaste of the wine and “Overall” – any remaining notes we may want to share. Scores are subjective, taste profiles are something you can use when making a decision.

4) All we do is post wine reviews of wine we actually drink ourselves. We may do an occasional post about wine pairing or holiday wine picks, but our focus is posting reviews you can use to help select that perfect wine for yourself.

5) We don’t review hard liquor or beer or saki or other near-wine entities. We will occasionally review fortified wines like Port or Sherry.

6) If we are sent wine for free, we will always tell you. We say “SPONSORED WINE REVIEW” prominently in each post on wine we get for free.

7) You may not agree and we may not agree with each other. That’s OK.

8) We run the LinkedIn Group, “Wine Bloggers Lovers & Enthusiasts” Please join us and over 8,000 others there for deeper discussion on everything in the Wine Industry.

9) We are not associated, affiliated or doing business in any way with The Wine Cask Restaurant in Santa Barbara (http://winecask.com/). But we wish them and their patrons well!

10) We’re not professionals. This is just a hobby, and we love it!