On the lighter side garnet hue for Cabernet with aromas of dried cherries, sweet and savory spice touches, rustic forest floor on the edges

Palate–Tart first impression, light licorice notes, astringent, subdued fruit, with a bitter mid palate nad a slightly funky finish.

I bought this at a favorite retailer as one of their closeout wines.  If they’re all like this it should be a throw out wine not a close out. This wine had good scores when it was younger so I am sure this is just over the hill.  There are vestiges of loveliness but this one needs to be put out to pasture.  This wine will be going back along with a several others I have bought there over the past couple months.  A good wine shop will take a return that is bad with no argument or hassle.  Remember, you return a wine because it is flawed or over the hill not just because you don’t care for it. I didn’t pay much for this but a wine that is not drinkable is not worth anything!

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