Nice hue of deep cranberry with aromas of early spring flowers in Maine, with cigar ash, a touch of menthol, and deep dark fruit with blueberries above the rim.

Palate–Nicely structured with seductive, dark, berry fruit laced with savory spice and a nice finish that lingers a bit with gentle lighter berry reminders.

I paid $12 for this regularly priced $23 bottle. Can’t say I am very experienced with Mendocino Cabs but this makes me want to become so.  Pair as you would with any other decent Cabernet and raise a glass!

BTW–it has been years since I have made a comment on a wine’s label probably because I am a bit tired of cute, unique, catchy, or downright crass labels.  But this is a great label; it’s classy, it looks like it belongs on an expensive wine, and it is clear as to what it is.  Well done!

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