Slightly tinge of amber at the rim showing a touch of age.

Bouquet definitely has a twinge of age but just the slightest touch. Ruby red grapefruit aroma up front with nice varietal fruit and a whiff of menthol and cocoa cream.

Palate–The touch of age is also evident on the palate so it is best to drink this as soon as possible. A vibrant acidity with tart raspberry and this Bourgogne has peaked.

The trick to reading a wine list is something to learn.  In brief, the cheapest wines tend to be toward the top of the list and also have the greatest markup making them the worst value. 100-200% markup while criminal is not unusual which is why the better value wines tend to be around half way to two thirds deep in the list. This Burgundy, while I was not familiar with the negociant (Dumont) I am of course familiar with the Burgundy region and Bourgogne sub-region.  So settling on this unknown wine at restaurant price of $45 when average retail is around $30 is a relative deal as restaurant wine pricings go.  Of course the bottom line is whether you like the the wine or not.  This was past prime but was a nice accompaniment with my roast pork belly with apricot chimichurri and my birthday bride’s risotto with sweet corn, and cherry tomatoes. All in all it was a win/win so raise a glass!

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