Darker hue with aromas of sweet red candy, savory spices, nice dark berry fruit

Palate– Silky tannins, a tad hot, spiced black cherry, a hint of tar, and a fairly quick finish.

This Aussie Cab from S. Australia, is a might better than you typical cab at this price point.  It has a little more heft than your run of the mill cheap Cabs and is a pretty decent buy for $11.50.  With Cabs you have to make a decision early on; Either you will settle for inexpensive Cab and get used to a very different wine than a more expensive Cab which ranges from wonderful, to surreal. WARNING–if you do develop a palate for “good Cab” you will never go back and plan on delaying your retirement (due to a diminished contribution to your 401K.  🙂  Raise a glass!


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