Rustic, spicy berry aromas with berry cream bon bons

Palate–Sweet first impression with a very steely front palate, seductive tannins, with a coarse mid palate of more rustic berries.

This is not a good example of the iconic grape  (Cabernet Sauvignon) but it is emblematic of the popularly made “wine beverage” as I call such wines, which are wildly popular always around the ubiquitous price point of $10.

As a Cab it is plonk, as a wine beverage, the average wine drinker might like it but don’t confuse it with “real” Cabernet Sauvignon which makes me sound like the supreme wine snob.  But the fact is, this is pretty crappy stuff and for a couple bucks more you can get some very affordable Cabernet by guys like Charles Shaw, Columbia Crest, and several other California makers like Beaulieu and Buena Vista and even Mondavi so put your money to work for you!  “Life is too short to drink bad wine!”


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