This reduced in price wine is red to the bow in the glass with bricking at the edges.

Bouquet–Slight mint edge with subdue or muted berry aromas and the tell tale sign of a wine ready to go over the hill.

Palate–Surprisingly has hard edges for a wine this age and going south. This Washington state blend (7 different grapes but mostly Merlot and Syrah) has chewy tannins, blackberry and black cherry flavors that are fighting hard to hang on but it is quite a pleasant quaff when you consider it all in context.  Whenever you find a wine greatly reduced and it is pressing 5 years and above, I would make sure to check with the store if you can return the open bottle for a refund should it turn out to be undrinkable. Some states prohibit such returns by law.  My state is one but I have never had a store (but one–Sam’s Club) refuse to take any wine back, even unopened bottles. A store that values your business really should bend over backwards to accommodate you but be sure when you return a wine it is because the wine is truly “bad” not just because you don’t happen to care for the type of wine it is.  I bought this wine only a couple hours ago and I opened it right away to have with my pizza tonight. I was lucky enough to grab a bargain. Fortunately for me, this $8 (regularly $16) is hanging in there a drinking OK but needs to be consumed NOW.  Still an enjoyable wine so raise  a glass!


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