Purple hue with faint bouquet and aromas of dark berries, almond,floral and a little spice

Palate–Decent dark berries with some heft and dark spices with loads of fruit and gentle tannins. (Read my initial impression below *)

When you read the first review on opening I was ready to nearly dump it.  I know better but I was in a bad mood so…  This just took some time to open so as I say below–Shaw makes reliable value wine and this is no exception so raise a glass!

*Unremarkable first impression with confused mash up of dark berries, with little character, little structure, and overall just meah. Really disappointing for Charles Shaw as he is one of those guys that just puts put value wine regardless the price point.  Not sure what happened here but this is just a fair “wine beverage.”At $12, or any price for that matter I’d pass on it.

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