Bricking around the rim with browning all around

The bouquet is obviously an aged one with interesting aromas of both sweet fresh fruit and aged spicy fruit with a touch of stewed prunes also the mark of an aged red bouquet.

Palate–A touch tart but with saving graces of creamy prune whip with sweet spiced apples, a bitter beam mid palate and a fleeting finish but still enough fruit on the tail to make it interesting.

I didn’t want to like this wine but I have to admit I really enjoyed it. I paid around $8 for it and bought because it was non-vintage which is an oddity for red wines of any caliber much less the signature grape of Argentina. This is definitely a Drink Now wine as it is fading fast but for those who enjoy the “aged” wine mystique you may like this even at such a bargain price.  Raise a glass!

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