Light amber hue

Bouquet- Sweet with mega-nutty aromas, and zesty gentle spice

Palate–Thick,sweet, Macadamia nuts big time with walnut finish. Nice acidic backbone with a long finish.

Madeira was styled quite by mistake as the wines were being shipped from the island of Madeira to the American colonies.  In the course of shipping the wines were heated, cooled and heated as the transatlantic voyage continued for weeks on end.  Rainwater is aged for 3 years before release and is on the lower scale of quality.  I bought this to toast the Founding Fathers of our nation from whom this wine was one of the most common and available. It is a “fortified wine” meaning it has brandy or “spirit” added to stop fermentation thus leaving the residual sugar. If you have never had it, it will remind you of a port like wine but less fruity and much more nutty.  Here is to the brave patriots who faced down the strongest military in the world at Lexington/Concord on the 18th of April in 1775.  I paid $18 for this and am pleased to raise a glass to Paul Revere and Capt. Parker, John Hancock and the rest!

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