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2012 Educated Guess Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

Nose: Vanilla and young fruity berries Palate: strong interplay of tannin and acid. Not bad but not subtle. Finish: Lovely finish of blueberry and cherry notes. Overall: we tasted this at a friend’s house. They paid $24 for it at a local wine store. It is overpriced at this price point.

2011 Bruno Giacosa Barbera Casa Vinicola wine review by Billy

Nose: Young plum, spice and clove Palate: strong warm tannins,  playful acids. Good construction that promotes the tannic structure Finish: red stonefruit notes and coffee. Hints of cherry. Overall: Let it breathe. Air softens the strong tannins and lets the structure support the wine. –A Review from The Wine Cask Blog. Creative Commons: Attribution -…

Chateau Malescot St. Exupery 2006 wine review by (PB)

Dark black cherry hue showing some age; Bouquet–sweet, stewed brandied blackberries,a hint of licorice or spice;Palate–Mature wine going over the hill but characteristic, mature fruit flavors of dark berries and spices with an earthy touch. Finish lingers with a gentle reminder of mature Margaux Grand Cru Classe.Chicago guest brought this for Thanksgiving and it will…